Playful & Planet-Friendly: The Essential Guide to Organic Children's Clothing

Posted by Amy Gabriel on

Hi Nola Tawkers! And welcome to our brand new blog. So you can get to know us a bit better, we want to take the time to talk to you about how our brand is dedicated to looking out for your babies, toddlers and kids with every organic cotton thread, ink and dye we use in our ever-growing collection of organic kids clothing. Since beginning our brand in 2010, we’ve come to discover that you, our celebrated customers, love our prints and designs ranging from the cutest outdoorsy prints to regional Mardi Gras inspired clothes to cheer-worthy sports outfits, as well as our recently launched take me home sets. Our clothing is made with the utmost quality for your child to enjoy wearing in every season.

And that pleases us to pieces!

But at the root of our fun-loving designs is our passionate commitment to outfitting your little ones with a mission in mind: to wrap them in the softest and safest of garments. We prioritize that clothing under our Nola Tawk label is environmentally sound so you can feel good and live well with every purchase you make from us. We aim to have one of the best organic clothing brands in the marketplace and to continue to provide quality products with transparency you can trust. And have a lot of fun along the way while we do it!

To bring you further into the fold of our mission, mantra and mentality, we would love to take a moment to give you an inside look as to why we chose GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and water-based organic inks for our brand and the benefits of organic cotton for our health and the environment.

So pour a cup of coffee in your gold foil mug of choice and read on to find out a bit more about what makes Nola Tawk the brand to trust for your most treasured family and friends.


You may be wondering – what exactly IS GOTS certified? Rest assured you are not alone in your curiosity! We can help break it down for you as quickly as your kiddo circles down the curly slide at the playground.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It’s an internationally recognized certification that requires that textile manufacturers follow specific environmental and social criteria. There are two GOTS label-grades: “organic” requiring a minimum of 95% organic fibers and “made with organic materials” requiring at least 70% organic fibers. All Nola Tawk organic garments are GOTS certified organic, because we believe in only the very best for your little one. 

Whether your baby is snuggled up in our confetti hearts muslin blanket or your kiddo is taking a spin in our twirl dresses, their tummy time or twirl time will be in the highest quality, ethically made organic kids clothing.



You’ve likely taken an interest in organic shopping while circling the grocery store aisles. The idea of packing lunches or hosting playdates with nutritious food with less additives and chemicals than conventional processed foods can make a parent sleep a little more soundly at night. We encourage you to take that exact mentality from the kitchen pantry to your kids’ closets!

Organic cotton fabric by general definition is naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Because the skin is not only the largest organ on your body but is also prone to absorbing toxins and chemicals from fabrics - insert the emoji ick face here – you want your clothes to be as clean in production and materials as possible. You want what goes on baby’s body to be as protective as you feel as a parent.

An added bonus to many of us who deal with allergies and skin sensitivities, cleaner less saturated fabrics make for a more healthy-wearing garment. Shout out to all the sniffle sufferers out there!


So…where do organic dyes and inks come into play? Unlike the ink your toddler got all over your new floor rug, there are multiple kinds of inks to choose from when it comes to printing on fabrics. We choose to utilize water-based organic ink (in lieu of plastisol ink) in our designs.

Water-based ink is soft and flexible on the garment. With a thin ink deposit that soaks into the shirt instead of sitting on top of the fabric, it’s a great choice for fashion prints and any customer who wants a soft-feeling print.

This essentially means that the ink component becomes a part of the garment and even makes it more breathable to wear. Which is perfect for our rough and tumble kids who play hard and live out loud!


In addition to our organic cotton kids clothing, we also have a darling selection of muslin clothing and accessories ranging from sweet little dresses and bubble rompers to adjustable bibs and blankets. We wanted to have a collection of organic muslin clothes because the material is very breathable and light due to the way the weave is made, keeping your little ones comfortable in even the hottest of summers.


The benefits of organic fabrics cotton and water-based organic dyes and organic inks are aplenty. Considering that cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to decompose and that in the right compost, the material should be gone in a week to five months, the environmental impact of these choices by far exceeds the alternatives.

And, while cotton also releases fibers in the wash, these small fibers biodegrade much quicker and more thoroughly than microplastics produced by synthetic materials. Cotton, like all plants, is grown from the earth and can return to the earth safely and quickly under a variety of conditions.


To put a bow on this messaging, we hope this first blog post gives you a good glimpse into the thoughtful nature of our brand intent. From the fabrics we’ve selected to the way those materials are handled to the long-term benefits of organic cotton as the preferred choice of dressing for the most precious people in your life, our approach is to take your family’s best dressed interests to heart. We thank you for letting us! Until next time…Tawk soon!

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